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Dear Friends,

We all have listened to terms like “evil” and “weapons of mass-destruction” every time we turn on our TV set over the last twelve months. From an esoteric stand point I asked myself: what are the real powers and what do they destroy? In the traditional Buddhist Teaching the true powers are compassion, kindness and unconditional love. They are the antidotes to hatred, greed, impatience, anger, to name a few. This kind of power is not manufactured with billions of dollars but rather with a conscious and awakened mind, with a daily commitment and effort on every level, no matter how small. Practice is the key. And life’s challenges provides us with ample opportunities every day, at work, with our families, at the grocery store, or driving in rush hour traffic.

Most of us have a tendency to take everything that’s happening too personally. If we could distance ourselves and avoid placing judgments on others (and on ourselves) we might find a space within that would permit us to feel sympathy for every misguided or otherwise suffering person. Evolution is a very long and slow process.
Reiki has given me the tool to feel safe everywhere I go in the world. It is with me always. Even in bad dreams I find myself placing my hands on my stomach and everything is all right. Reiki gives me leverage. I can send healing with the reiki symbols around the world, to the cruel and heartless men in governments here and in foreign countries, to the victims of crimes and disasters, alleviating that feeling of helplessness. Reiki heals not only the body but can also be directed into the past and the future, to any living being and thing, to heal events and relationships. It has been an interesting journey for me since I first took my Reiki class and I feel a deep gratitude to all the people who helped me on my reiki path of becoming - my teacher, clients, students and everybody else who taught me that human life is beautiful and a rare gift in the chain of evolution.

With Love,

October 6, 2002

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