Reiki Recommended Reading and Music

Text Box:  Elements of Rejuvenation 
By Merlin's Magic

Music to enchant every ear in a temple of relaxation and healing. Played during Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki treatments, Chi Exercises, or simply for meditation, it captivates - making you flow with the spiritual energy into infinite spaces.
ISBN: 0910261431  57 min Compact Disc  
List Price: $17.95            BUY

Reiki: Light Touch
By Merlin's Magic

Sixty minutes of beautiful, serenely blissful instrumental music for healing and happiness, this recording was specifically composed and arranged by Andreas Mock of Merlin's Magic to be played during Reiki treatments, but its soothing sounds are also wonderful for many other forms of body work, energy balancing, meditation or relaxing. Combining guitar, keyboards, violin, viola and deeply resonant Tibetan bells to create the relaxing sounds of LIGHT TOUCH.  ISBN 0910261857

 60 min Compact Disc  List Price: $17.95      BUY


ISBN: 0910261792  60 min Cassette  List Price: $10.95     BUY

Teacher Level

Degrees of Reiki
By Kelly, Maureen J.


Maureen Kelly is a reiki master and teacher in her native New Zealand. She is also the author of the bestselling title Reiki and the Healing Buddha. In the current book she describes the various levels or degrees of reiki and explains what each degree consists of and even provides teaching indications and notes for each degree, all the way up to the Reiki Master level.

ISBN: 094098556X  236 pp Paper Back  List Price: $15.95           BUY

Music for Relaxation, Healing & Exercises

Reiki Space of Peace and Love
By Merlin's Magic with Frank Arjava Petter


This is the most meditative Merlin's Magic production up to now, with compositions that unite in the "silent eye" of Reiki. The sounds of the Far Eastern spheres unfold in virtual deep stillness, led by the rhythm of the heart. Accompanied by a small booklet of approximately 16 pages.

ISBN: 0910261253  60 min Compact Disc

List Price: $16.95           BUY

Angel Helpers
By Merlin's Magic


Merlin's Magic is a proven bestseller! This is a wonderful follow-up album to their best selling Reiki and Reiki: The Light Touch. Angels are our daily companions. This truly heavenly, very uplifting melody is perfectly accented by flute, sitar, and strings to help make these invisible companions audible.

ISBN: 0910261601 

64 min Cassette List Price: $10.95      BUY    

ISBN: 0910261598

64 min Compact Disc  List Price: $17.95       BUY

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