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Reiki Mothers to be enjoy the soothing and comforting effects of Reiki. The unborn child seems to be happy to receive this loving touch long before birth. And it makes sense since Reiki is the universal life force and pure love.

Below are babies born of mothers who received Reiki attunements before or during their pregnancies.


Colin was born May 7, 2012. He's 15 months now. He's a happy and gentle soul.

Both Colin and his big sister Jillian love Reiki.

reiki sharing November 2007



Atticus is a contented yet very active boy. He takes notice of everything around him with great eagerness.

He has a is sunny and charming personality. Always ready to smile and interact.

Reiki Sharing



 I had a lovely, blessed pregnancy, natural labor and easy delivery at home.

Baby Elia became an energetic, caring, intelligent, compassionate boy, full of humor, good cheer and excellent health.

With the gift of Reiki illuminating his life from the very beginning, he has always had the key to greater peace, healing and personal development.

Reiki Sharing October 2007

babies love reiki

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