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The following testimonials are unsolicated comments from students of Reiki Master Karuna Krinsky. The originals are maintained on file at our offices.


I have been using reiki with my patients, and they all love it. The majority of them fall asleep even sooner than usual, and find that they are more relaxed and rejuvenated than just with acupuncture alone. Thank you for bringing this to my life and my practice. I look forward to continuing with you.
J. B., Racine, WI


It's just that I want to thank you for this wonderful gift of Reiki that you've given me.

I've used it to treat pain and injuries in friends and family with fantastic results. Also, last week, early in the week, I started coming down with the flu. I knew it was going to be bad, because of the stabbing pains in my stomach, the nausea, and worst of all the watery rumblings. I went to bed with a bucket next to my bed because I felt so awful I thought I might not make it to the bathroom to vomit. I'm sorry to give you all these yucky details, but Karuna, I practiced Reiki for twenty minutes on my aching head and on my belly. I went to sleep and woke the next morning absolutely fine. I am sure this isn't amazing to you, but it is to me. That I have the ability to receive this help, this energy that is so powerful is just a wonderful thing. I am able to ease some suffering, and that is just great.

Anyways, thank you for bringing your knowledge to people like myself. And thank you for being such a lovely person.
E. A., Burlington, WI


Thank you again for an amazing, powerful, wonderful weekend! I am so grateful for learning, experiencing and exploring Reiki. I look forward to deeper knowing of this energy/tool as I grow.

I gave Reiki to my daughter last night as she went to bed. For the 1st hand position, she said, "this is boring", but by the time I got to the 4th or so she was getting very relaxed and told me she liked that position and that she actually liked all of them and by a few minutes later she was sound asleep. It felt so good to share this with her - helping to keep her well and peaceful.

Tonight she asked for Reiki again - she said, "Reiki is my new favorite way to go to bed" - and of course, she loved it and fell asleep as I held my hands on her body.

What a beautiful way for mother and daughter to bond, nurture and love!
E. M., Milwaukee, WI

I am sorry I left so fast after class. I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be able to learn from you and continue to work by your side. The class was a great experience and even though it has only been a few days I have been working with Reiki in me, my family seems to be responding to it with open arms. Every time I turn around I seem to have a Reiki situation.
I have been confronted with some situations immediately after Sundays class. One of my daughters came home with a huge softball size bruise on her leg (she has a blood disorder that causes her to bruise easy), I read in the book Reiki can help with bruises so I gave it a try. To all of our amazement from the inside out this bruise is going away and that was only after a 20 minute treatment, it just keeps getting lighter every time I do a little more on the spot. The same daughter had a headache and another 20 minute treatment and the headache was gone. My oldest daughter had some stomach pains and didn't want to go to school, a little Reiki and off to school she went. She also twisted her ankle later that day and Reiki came to her rescue again. I had to wonder if they were hurting themselves on purpose just to get some Reiki, but I know better than that.
I have been working and focusing on my husband targeting his tanden, liver,throat, lungs, head and the detox positions for starters. He loves how relaxing it is and seems to be responding well. For me though he is the roughest. I feel his pain immensely and getting through one of his treatments is very painful for me. I am noticing that what I thought at first was physical pain sometimes seems to be caused by bottled emotions. He lives within himself, never releasing pain or anger until it overtakes him and he becomes the pain or anger. He has openly talked to me more in the past 3 days about "real" issues than he has in the last 5 years of us being together. What a blessing!!!

J. S., Gurnee, IL


I just wanted to write a quick note and tell you again what a great time I had over the weekend. Everyone was nice and wanted to learn. You couldn't ask for a better location for a class like this than your home. I really got a lot out of it.

What a change from going to a martial art seminar, where the whole point of it is how to defend yourself (but usually that's done by hurting someone).

D. L., Kenosha, WI

It has been 10 days since I have started working with Reiki. In the 10 days so far I have done 24 treatments with different people so far. The results are fantastic but I wanted to tell you about the most fantastic results yet. My husband is now 10 days sober after a 22 year addiction. He doesn't crave alcohol like he used to, he is happy, there is life back in his eyes. In 10 days he has become one of the top 3 drivers out of 40 or so in his company. He is for the most part pain free which in 5 years that has never happened and when he has a pain he comes to me. He is open and talking now, his mind seems so much clearer than I have ever seen it. People are no longer afraid of him. His aura seems to be non threatening but the biggest change is how the kids respond to him. They went from get me away from him to joking and playing with him. I am so happy to see him alive on the inside again and wanting to take control of his life. I can not express enough how grateful I am for this gift.
My children seem to find every excuse in the book for me to do a little Reiki on them. Sometimes they really have an issue but I find they more often than not make things up just so they can have a little Reiki. Reports from school are showing there is a difference with them and they are more focused and energized.
Many people are interested in what it is that I am doing and are noticing the effects it has had on myself and the whole family so they are coming to me for help.

J. S., Gurnee, IL


Reiki has been a wonderful, wonderful source and comfort for me throughout the day and at night before bed. I have been mostly doing Reiki on myself, but have worked on my husband and his sister, too. I belief one of the most beautiful things is to be able to do Reiki on yourself – it is a special space to be in physically and spiritually! I thank you for teaching and look forward to seeing you again!
A.B., Shorewood, WI

NOTE AND DISCLAIMER: The above were unsolicited comments from individuals who have taken Reiki classes from Karuna Krinsky. They are reproduced here solely for the educational benefit of seeing the response of individuals who use Reiki after taking a class. While individuals may report various types of health benefits, it should be noted that Reiki is not the practice of medicine and is not intended to replace the advice and support of health care professionals. Reiki is an adjunctive practice providing support on the energetic level. Results are based on individual response to Reiki and cannot be extrapolated from specific reports as provided above.


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