Response to Hurrican Katrina 9/9/05

NOTE:  A friend wrote about his feelings of pain, suffering and rage regarding what appeared to be either willful or intentional actions on the part of the US government that led to their failure to intervene to alleviate or avoid suffering in a timely and effective way.  Given that many people are feeling the same way, I am sharing some thoughts here.

 Dear friend,

 I think all sensitive and caring people are struggling with this situation.  From my own perspective, I believe it is absolutely essential to be able, on the one side, to see clearly what is going on, including inside the hearts, minds and motivations of those with whom we are sharing this experience on this planet.   Since we are all ONE we have the capacity to feel the vibrations that reflect the “plans” of those who are in charge of governments, etc.  Thus, we KNOW what they are thinking and planning and this is in some cases a cause of tremendous pain, because it is not easy to look into the “heart of darkness” and see it in all its terrible reality.

 At the same time as we recognize this, we also recognize the general human condition which we share and recognize that “I too am that”.  It is this IDENTITY in consciousness with the very things we find most distressing, which actually gives us the lever to effectuate change.  The process of spiritual healing and transformation of the planet involves us connecting to that “heart of darkness” and instead of radiating that out, we work to transmute, transform, uplift and permeate.  This is done through whatever methods each of us chooses on our spiritual paths. 

Sri Aurobindo advises that the only way to change the world is through a change of consciousness, not a change of politics or social systems.  This change of consciousness involves feeling the pain and realizing the oneness and identity we have with both the victims and the perpetrators, and finding a new depth of love with which to soothe and transform the situation for both.  In fact, the perpetrators are also suffering intensely spiritually.

 While we work to transform consciousness, we of course need to conduct our outward efforts towards comforting those in need, and confronting those who would perpetuate the suffering.  This need not be done with hatred, in fact, to the extent it is, our real progress toward that transformation that is needed is watered down.

 It is in the widest gulfs of disharmony that we have our greatest opportunities.  It is relatively easy to remain calm and at peace when things are relatively in balance.  It is that much harder to call up the inner spiritual resources when there is such a magnitude of tragedy and suffering that we have to absorb psychically and physically, emotionally and mentally.

 Everyone believes that specific individuals are the “cause” of events, but in fact, the world-forces tend to put actors on the stage at the right time to carry out the “time spirit”.  In this light, the present government is simply a reflection of the underlying spiritual vacuum that needs to be filled.  The consciousness on the planet is very absorbed with the idea of consumption, greed, and hatred.  We are consuming the resources of the planet, fouling the environment, creating “global warming” and its predicted effects such as we see in the hurricane results, killing off the other species, and breeding a scarcity of the essential “lubricant” of this world-economy (oil) that will lead to ever greater disruptions, wars and suffering, and all of this is one complex that comes from a psychological space that a few of us can both see and do something about.

 Because in reality, the ONENESS that allows us to see, experience and feel what is going on, is the same ONENESS that allows our thoughts, prayers, and inner spiritual transformations, if radiated with a depth of intensity and focus of purpose, to begin to effectuate the underlying deeper changes that can actually solve these problems.

 We may argue that changing the government would help.  And it might IF the government were in fact changing as a result of a change in values and consciousness and not just through a political battle.   Because ALL governments have their own forms of disharmony and corruption at some level if they are not motivated by the deeper spiritual purposes for which we know we are alive on this planet.

If you can look at that spot within you, as you are doing, where you feel the violence and the rage and the hatred, and if you can then work on how to transform this into compassion and a deeper spiritual love based on insight into the ways of the Divine evolutionary force behind existence (whatever name you call it by or however you conceive of it), then that force, no matter how small and insignificant it appears in relation to the world forces you are confronting, is in fact contributing to the ultimate change.  It is then up to you to determine how to not only effect the change in consciousness, but then how to put your mind, emotions, vital energy and physical body into action to “make it real” around you and communicate that energy outwards to transform and transfigure the consciousness on this planet.

 I honor your willingness to explore your feelings and share them and I am moved by your depth of concern and your willingness to share your experience.  It is a help and lesson for all of us to face what we need to face and learn how to deal with it.

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