Sri M. P. Pandit


Mantra Recitations


1.  Shanti Path


2.  Sri Aurobindo's Gayatri Mantra


3.  Anandamayi


4.  Srimad Aravinda Tripada Stava


5.  First Few Lines from Savitri


6.  Ganapati Geetam


7.  Selection from Umasahasram


8.  Another Selection from Umasahasram


9.  Nirvanashataka


10.  Gayatri


11.  First few lines from Savitri


12.  Renderings from The Mother


13.  Devi Sukta


14.  Yama’s speech from Katha Upanishad


15.  Vision of Time the Destroyer in the Gita


16.  Nirvanashataka


17.  Shanti Path


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