Transitions for the USA and the World

The election yesterday of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States is a milestone on many levels. The obvious one, the beginning of true reconciliation of humans regardless of skin color, is of course long overdue. No human can or should be judged or have their capacities suppressed due to race, sex, or any other truly meaningless distinction, when the real values lie within.

But the significance goes far deeper. America, and with it the world, has been undergoing a long and painful national nightmare where the forces that represent greed and grasping for power, that play upon fear and division to rule and extort, have held the entire world in its vice-like grip and squeezed. We have seen unnecessary wars and suffering as a result; we have seen the fouling of our environment, and the deterioration of our civic discourse into aggressive, “winner take all” type partisanship based on fear-mongering and the stirring of hatred, while the “victors” essentially looted the national treasury and mortgaged our lives and the future. Many people have suffered, and many more will suffer until we can resolve the deep wounds that the last eight years have left on all of us.

It is interesting to note that there are places in the world where progress is measured in ways other than strictly monetary. For instance, the country of Bhutan is famous for its position that rather than measure Gross Domestic Product as the yardstick of success, they wanted to measure Gross Domestic Happiness. If we apply that yardstick to the USA, we have seen a dramatic deterioration of Gross Domestic Happiness over the last eight years. Last night, with the results of the election, we noted an enormous outpouring of happiness that not only reached into every corner of the USA, but spanned the globe. Clearly the results of the election unleashed a wave of happiness that has not been seen on the planet since the start of the new century. This is a clear sign of an opening of the heart chakra (4th chakra) and the characteristic wave of deep joy that accompanies that event, on a world-basis!

To understand why this occurred one needs to look deeper to the underlying transition that this country is struggling with, representing a wider struggle throughout the world. If we look at the energetics of the society using the chakras and their characteristic actions as our guide, we see that the last eight years (at the very least) have been totally in the grip of 2nd and 3rd chakra energies. These energies want power for its own sake, seek self-aggrandisement, and manifest pure greed, for money and for power. At the same time, they work on the level of fear and resentment. All these things can be clearly seen in what has happened for the last eight years.
The last eight years did not occur out of context. America has long struggled to raise the energetic level and has always had something of a conflict between the higher chakra energetic of harmony, peace, goodwill, understanding and the lower chakra energetic of power, control and greed. This thread runs through the entire country and led to expressions such as the Declaration of Independence (we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal) and a type of idealistic helpful spirit that has surfaced on many occasions in our history. While at the same time, some of the worst abuses of humanity, such as slavery, the genocide of the Native American people, and the repudiation of treaty obligations and outright dishonesty that led to the seizure of land and resources from innocent and simple people, also occurred during our history.

The see-sawing of these two distinct energetic threads has been part of our national psyche for several hundred years. With the drawing together of the entire world into the awareness of all being part of one humanity, one eco-sphere and one small planet, the demand for a definitive transition to a foundation based on 4th and higher chakra energetic has become essentially one of survival for humanity. We cannot go on simply seizing assets, destroying the environment and greedily grasping after the resources that are meant for all beings, for all time, and sucking the planet dry in one or two generations. That means that the 2nd and 3rd chakra powers need to give way if humanity is going to find an answer. The forces that represent these “lower” energies fight harder when they feel threatened, and clearly, they have felt threatened! It has been a tough, bruising and unforgiving chapter in our country’s history, to the detriment of us all. But maybe it has had a role in making possible the transition that we need to make, as it has made the choice very stark and defined, in a way that perhaps we could not have seen previously.

The election of Barack Obama clearly represents a step forward towards the definitive change that must take place. It is, as his campaign so clearly recognized “The Change We Need”. His message of harmony, reconciliation and good will, his clear unwillingness to win the election based on the historical tactics of fear-mongering and name-calling, his care for the welfare and benefit of all people and the environment, his calm and reasoned approach to issues, and his clear and powerful communication skills evidence an opening of the 4th chakra (heart chakra), 5th chakra (throat chakra ruling communications) and 6th chakra (3rd eye, representing the integration of knowledge and will, the “wisdom eye”).

The fact that Americans have chosen hope over fear, and have taken the step to wake up from our nightmare of hatred, greed and fear-mongering, is a positive sign. It is now up to us to rise up to the occasion and support this change through the tough challenges we have to meet, to help heal the wounds of division, reign in the dogs of war, bring balance to our relationship to the earth and the peoples and other living beings populating the earth, and at the same time solve some of the worst imbalances that we have been left with as a result of the recent past.

The entire world is breathing a sigh of relief with the results of our election. We see tribal dancing in Africa, Shamanic healers praying in Peru, and Ayurvedic priests in India undertaking prayer and thanksgiving ceremonies. The Europeans are relieved to see us start waking up from this nightmare. People all over the world are hoping and expecting a new day and a new tomorrow as America begins the urgent, essential transition to a foundation based on the energetic of the higher energy chakras. The planet is already feeling the new energy.

Santosh Krinsky
Racine Wisconsin
November 5, 2008

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