The Power of Thought

Thought moves through space virtually instantaneously.  But the velocity of the thought is nevertheless usually only carrying a very weak power of accomplishment as the wave is weak.

It is possible to concentrate the thought such that it becomes palpable and powerfully effective.  This is usually experienced in the immediate presence of someone who has developed a powerful thought form, but because thought is not restricted to vicinity, it may have this kind of powerful impact anywhere that it can be received.

Everyone of course receives the thoughts at some level, usually subconsciously; however some are able to respond and vibrate sympathetically to the thought-wave they are receiving, and it is these individuals who begin to formulate the thought into active realization in various places simultaneously.

Thought can therefore be a very potent tool of change when it is formulated clearly, focused and concentrated.  The process of concentrating the thought was known by the ancient seers as “tapasya” and the force that was developed was called “chit-shakti  “consciousness-force”, and was in essence the development of the Will in the Thought, as described by the Vedic Rishis.

The waves of the thought, in order to become powerful, need to be able to eliminate cross-wave interference and need to be able to focus all the energy of the will in enhancing the power and amplitude of the thought form being created so that the wave becomes a harmonized, repetitive and powerful force going out into the world in a highly concentrated laser-like beam.

Most of the time, people have an incredible number of different thoughts moving in and out of their minds randomly.  This sets up a number of mutually cancelling waves.  The process by which one clears out this disorder is called meditation or concentration, depending on the method used.  The power of the mantra is to create a focused single wave form that takes over the mind-stuff and begins to develop a force of concentration.  The energetic power of the mantra is therefore an enormous aid in converting a thought into an act of creation.

Speech, and the written word, can both become media to carry the thought form, but thought is not restricted to these external vehicles.  Thought has the power to move independently as pure wave-forms moving through the ether at beyond the speed of light.

The process of creation essentially involves the power of the “Will in the Thought” as proposed by the Rishis of the Rig Veda.


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