Influence of Supramental Beings on Life and Functioning on Earth

The mental beings (humans) are locked into their multi-faceted divisions. There is essentially no solution at the human level for the disharmony that has plagued humanity since its inception; and as the powers of action increase, the destructive force and suffering increases with them.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother indicate that the true solution to this problem is the evolution of the supramental consciousness. This consciousness has the characteristics of oneness (rather than duality), harmony (rather than division) and comprehensive overview of time, space and circumstance.

The question that then arises is what possible mechanisms the supramental beings have in order to “unlock” the hard and divisive actions and viewpoints that control humanity and prevents a new approach, based in harmony, to occur.

If we assume that the new supramental beings will have powers of consciousness at an order of magnitude higher than humans, similar to that of humans in relation to most animals, we understand that they may have ways of acting that are not foreseeable nor foreseen by us. We may however explore some of the “options” to determine some likely scenarios for dealing with the crisis situations the entire planet is facing due to humanity’s limited capabilities. The “options” of course may overlap one another or be operative singly or together; or sequentially or in various locales. These crises include not only human interaction issues (wars, repression, violence, inequality of access to resources and opportunity, etc.), but also actions which threaten the very nature of the planet as a livable environment, for instance global climate change, pollution, depletion of resources, development of enormous repositories of waste materials, including toxic wastes, changing impact of chemistry on biology for all species on the planet (mutations, extinctions, etc.)

Humans would attempt, using their normal (divided) mentality, to gain mastery or control and there would be either some kind of charismatic leadership, violent mastery, or disruption of the balances of power to achieve control. Supramental beings may resort to such tactics, but it is unlikely, as the results tend not to favor long-term balance, harmony and well-being, but contain the seeds of future imbalance.
Supramental beings can be assumed to have certain mental and emotional powers that could be used to influence humanity in certain directions.

To the extent that this is a benign influence of guidance, example and ideal, we could see an ever-increasing awareness and striving among humanity for a more harmonious life; this however has limitations to the extent that there are enormous forces “locked into” ideologies that are not susceptible to much “influence”.

To the extent that this influence is IMPOSED on humanity, it would involve artificial bottling up and suppression or else, enormous psychological “surgery” on humanity and it is hard to conceive that such steps would be consistent with the purpose and goals of the human being in evolution, as it would not be a naturally developed change, but basically a change imposed purely from outside, albeit with subtle rather than overt force. Force it is, nevertheless.

This is not to say that supramental beings might not determine that the immediate crisis actually requires some amount of direct control, and humans would be “herded” and “managed” similar to the way that humans currently herd and manage animals. While long term this approach would not suit a supramental being’s needs, short-term it may be implemented if humanity has reached a point of imminent cataclysm.
Another mechanism that could be used is to radically change the direction of humanity is to radically alter the socio-economic climate through solution of some “key” problems that currently have everyone “locked” into certain responses. This could involve solving the issue of “energy” (free solar energy to all for instance), or other such ‘global’ solutions.

A third mechanism is to refocus the attention of humanity away from its divisions towards its inherent common oneness. In history this is most frequently done through the development of an ‘external threat’. It might not be necessary to have a “threat” but the refocusing of humanity away from its own petty differences could be part of such a solution if the standpoint and viewpoint of humanity could be adjusted to realize the oneness of the planet and its larger goal and purpose in the galaxy/universe. Such a realization or recognition could begin to adjust the way humanity responds.

It is also possible that the home-made crises such as global climate change, etc. mentioned above could provide a fertile ground for all humanity to begin to work together, which would take us at least a short distance down the road.

A fourth mechanism could be called a “tidal” mechanism, and would operate similarly to the influence of the moon on the oceans. Supramental beings could create a “tidal” force for human emotions to begin to reshape them without having to directly control them or “micro-manage” them. Such an influence in fact could be readily seen as a mechanism that would allow the supramental beings to “be themselves”, without attempting to overtly control or use violence, overt or subtle, to manage humanity. Their simple presence would begin to create movement and break up the “locked in” rigidities of humanity in its current state.

A fifth mechanism could be called “solar” in that the supramental beings could begin to simply radiate their understanding, energy and emotional strength out over humanity and exercise a positive direction and influence over time to help humanity mature, nurture new growth, and find new solutions as their lives continue to work through the problems that they have created for themselves. This approach of course takes TIME.

A sixth mechanism might be even more subtle, more or less like “surfing the waves of human history over time”, to coin a phrase. The supramental beings would simply not interfere while humanity reaches crises, undergoes massive destruction and disorientation and rebuilding, other than to continually place the ideals and emotional values consistent with long-term progress before humanity at each stage and crisis. This way is perhaps the slowest of all of them and involves perhaps the most “pain” for humanity, but it is a path of their own choosing and their own making, and the supramental beings basically take very little notice of nor concern for the tribulations of humanity, but simply manifest who and what they are and focus on their own goals and purposes without much concern for how humanity shifts through its limitations. This we might call the approach of evolution and the slow, steady evolutionary march is one that could of course take millennia. If the supramental beings choose to take a more ‘activist’ approach they would insert, from time to time, new ideas, new emotions, new directions into the progress of history to hasten the changes, but these insertions would be done in such a way as to be virtually unnoticeable to the normal view.

March 5, 2007
Santosh Krinsky
Racine Wisconsin

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