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    Reiki is mostly thought of as a way for healing and stress reduction. Although is has been successfully used for a variety of ailments and conditions, we belief it is of spiritual origin. We receive the greatest benefit by being attuned to this energy and working ourselves with it directly. Reiki helps us to overcome obstacles and our life may change. The changes we experience differ depending on needs and aspirations of every individual. It can be seen as a blessing and is always for the highest good. Many students report a turn in their lives, relationships, etc. and are truly amazed at the results.

    Class Scheduling and Costs

    To find out the current class schedule, please go to the following page: Current class schedule

    We frequently set up classes by mutual agreement if a sufficient number of students express an interest in a particular date. Please contact us at ReikiTeacher Email to work out any arrangements as well as to find out the current class price information.


    There are three degrees (or levels) of Reiki:

    The First Degree

    This is a two-day class, usually held on a weekend, and totals thirteen hours of instructions including practice time. This introductory course is all that is required to heal yourself or others.

    You will learn

    a. how to give Reiki treatments to others, pets, plants

    b. how to treat yourself

    c. about the seven major chakras and some minor chakras

    d. the history of Reiki

    e. the Five Reiki Principles

    f. Gassho meditation

    g. intuitively guided treatments

    You will receive

    a. four attunements

    b. handbook or manual

    c. certificate

    The Second Degree

    This is the level for Distance/Absent Healing and furthers your empowerment. Reiki can be sent beyond the limitation of time and space with the help of the three second degree reiki symbols. They are also used to enhance treatments, for protection, removing of obstacles, and much more.

    This level is taught in a one-day class with seven hours of instructions. You will receive two attunements in this class that will empower you to use these symbols and increase the flow of reiki energy.

    We will get to know the meaning of these symbols and memorize to draw and pronounce them. You will learn the many different uses, and how to use and send them. This is the intermediate level and you will receive your Second Degree Certificate.

    Third Degree (3a)

    The Reiki III training is divided into two parts. Originally being a Master (western term) meant to be a teacher. Since many students like to enjoy the benefit of the Master attunement and the increased intensity of the reiki energy associated with this level most teachers today offer what we call a “Reiki IIIa – Practitioner” level. The attunement provides the benefit of this level without the commitment and responsibilities of a teacher. This level is taught in a one-day class.

    There is one attunement and you will learn to draw, pronounce and use the Master Symbol.

    We review the second degree and it's many uses, and we will work with some of the Japanese healing and cleansing techniques Dr. Usui and Dr. Hayashi taught:

  • These were not taught by Mrs. Takata and discovered only in recent years in Japan.
    You will receive your Reiki Master Certificate.

    Third Degree (3b)

    This is the Master/Teacher level and requires the completion of all previously described classes first. We teach the Teacher level by appointment only. It consists of several meetings and the teaching of a level 1 class along with me. Please contact Reiki Teacher Email for the qualification you need to provide. You will receive your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate upon completion of this level.


  • Reiki Level 1 Refresher Course

    This course is NOT a replacement for our Reiki Level 1 class. Level 1 is a two-day workshop and includes the four attunements consistent with Traditional Usui Reiki. The subjects of the below course only deepens/repeats some of the areas addressed in Reiki Level 1. The attunement given in this course is only a “refresher attunement” and is no replacement for the four attunements from Reiki Level 1. Although the four attunements are permanent and don’t need to be repeated to be effective most individuals enjoy them very much. It is for this purpose only that we have included one of them in this course. For more information on our Level 1 course please read the description.
    You need to have at least a Level 1 to participate. This course is suitable for Reiki Practitioners of all levels.

    Covered in this 2 ½ hour course is:

    Gassho Meditation
    Additional practice, creating a greater awareness and perception

    One Reiki level 1 Attunement

    The Five Reiki Principles
    The practical approach. This is an expansion to the introduction covered in Reiki Level 1.
    Dr. Usui made the Five Reiki Principles an important part of Reiki.  But “Just Say No” doesn’t seem to work. Are emotions really avoidable?  How do we work with them without denial but through understanding? We will be exploring them to a greater depth and finding the antidote to each of them. Practicing this makes our everyday living more interesting and enjoyable. It’s truly rewarding.

    Hand Placement
    We will look again at the main hand placements (about 18) plus treating the back.
    What to do and what to avoid.
    How to work under less than optimal conditions.


    Reiki Advancement #1    

    This Advancement course focuses on strengthening and improving the sense of the energy flow for greater effectiveness. The five levels of intensity have been originally a part of Reiki in Japan but haven’t been taught outside of Japan until recent years. The attunement given in this course is only a “refresher attunement” and is no replacement for the four attunements from Reiki Level 1. Although the four attunements given in our Level 1 class are permanent and don’t need to be repeated to be effective most individuals enjoy them very much. It is for this purpose only that we have included one of them in this course. You must have at least Reiki Level 1 to qualify for this course.

    Covered in this 3 hour course is:

    Gassho – Additional Practice for the perception of the Reiki energy.
    Exercise to increase the Reiki flow
    Perception of the five levels of intensity
    Intuitive treatments & scanning
    One Reiki Level 1 attunement

    Reiki for Kids

    Kids are especially gifted when it comes to Reiki. Their intellect is not yet so well-developed as to be rigid, so they still are in touch with and trust their intuition.

    The stress kids experience nowadays due to peer pressure and school demands leaves parents concerned. Reiki can be a very helpful tool for them, and something over which they have total control.

    Reiki classes for Kids are mostly for their own benefit. When Reiki is practiced by at least one other family member kids will also have something to share with them - a knowledge, a deeper feeling of taking care of each other. Kids really enjoy being helpful, and giving Mom or Dad a Reiki treatment is so much nicer than cleaning up their room! It is something they can offer effectively just like a grown up can.

    This class is intended for Kids ages 7 or 8 to ages 13 or 14, depending on individual development.

    Classes consist of learning the appropriate hand placements, how to use Reiki on people, animals and themselves, using Reiki in school, and to handle stress. They will receive the four attunements traditional in the Usui Method of Healing. Reiki Kids will also receive an Usui Reiki Certificate.

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